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Background Clearances

How to obtain a Background Screen:
USCAA has partnered with the Upper St. Clair School District to provide parents with the ability to submit their clearances to one entity, but receive approval from both organizations.  To be approved to serve as a coach, please follow the guidelines for becoming an approved volunteer that are found on the Upper St. Clair School District website:


The Board of the USCAA believes that each parent has the right and responsibility to do everything in their power to ensure the safety and well-being of their own child and to make decisions in their child’s best interests as they relate to the participation in youth sports.  The USCAA encourages parents not only to volunteer to coach, but to attend all games and practices to monitor the welfare of their child.  To that end, the USCAA has developed the following guidelines to support and assist the parents of the community in fulfilling this responsibility.

Effective August 15, 2012 (and revised in 2015 in response to PA Act 153, the Board of the USCAA revised its guidelines to assist parents in protecting the children of our athletic programs regarding investigating the background (hereinafter referred to as “background screen”) of volunteers who will be coaching in one or more of our sponsored athletic programs (hereinafter referred to as “sport”). 

General Guidelines:

1.     The USCAA requires the assigned Coach/Manager for each USCAA team must have a current background screen. 

2.     Any meeting, practice or game (hereinafter collectively referred to as “athletic activity”) for a USCAA sponsored team, shall have at least one (1) approved Coach/Manager present. If an approved Coach/Manager is not available for an athletic activity, it must be cancelled until one is available.

3.     When assigning teams, the USCAA will try to have more than one adult with a current background screen on each team. In order to assist the USCAA in this attempt, the USCAA encourages all adults associated with the team to obtain and maintain a current background screen.

4.     The USCAA requires the assigned Coach/Manager for each USCAA team demonstrate proof of a current background screen, through the process noted above, prior to the start of the first athletic activity for that sport in which children of the program are present.

5.     The USCAA will periodically post on its website (www.uscaasports.org) a listing of all individuals for which it has been notified that a current background screen has been completed through the process noted above, so that participants and parents of participants have the ability to check on the status of the volunteer coaches involved in their specific teams.

6.     The Board of the USCAA, or its designee, will be solely responsible for investigating potential violations to these guidelines. Violations that are reported, or otherwise discovered, and verified by the USCAA will result in punishments using the following guidelines:

In the event that a Coach/Manager conducts an athletic activity prior to obtaining a current background screen, through the process noted above, that Coach/Manager and their team will be subject to the following:

a. Immediate suspension of the Coach/Manager from coaching the team in question until Coach/Manager obtains a clearance.

b. Immediate suspension of the team in question, until such time as an approved Coach/Manager is available

In the event an approved Coach/Manager, with a current background screen, allows an athletic activity, in which children of the program are present, to take place without an adult with a background screen present (i.e. the Coach/Manager cannot attend a practice and requests that another adult fill in) that Coach/Manager will be required to have a meeting with League Director.

The number of confirmed violations will be accumulated by the USCAA Board and addressed as follows:           

First Violation: Punishment as noted above

Second Violation: Hearing before the USCAA Board (or a designated committee of the Board) and possible suspension from the list of approved coaches

Third Violation: Ban from the list of approved coaches

The failure of a Coach/Manager to attend a scheduled hearing before the USCAA Board may result in an indefinite suspension from being a Coach/Manager of any USCAA team until such time as a hearing is attended, at which point the punishment structure outlined above will be implemented
Depending on the nature and circumstances of any violations of USCAA policies, the USCAA reserves the sole right to escalate or otherwise change its administrative response accordingly. 


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